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BF 6 M 1015 MC

Modern water-cooled four stroke 6-cylinder V-engine.
Water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifolds.
PTOs gear driven.
Modern injection system with mechanical governor.
Electronical governor for gen set application.
Charge-air-cooler by engine cooling liquid.
Innovative DEUTZ Multi-Parallel-Cooling System.
Compact design.

Technical data
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 132 mm5.2 in
Stroke 145 mm5.7 in
Displacement 11.9 l726 cu in
Propulsion engines LG A 287 kW385 hp
Propulsion engines LG B 330 kW443 hp
Specific fuel consumption 206 g/kWh0.34 lb/hph
Length 1482 mm58.3 in
Width 1316 mm51.8 in
Height 1138 mm44.8 in
Weight 1180 kg2601 lb
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